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Hello and Welcome!
Surround yourself with things you love and use,
and your home will be the place you recharge! 
Are you going through a life transition?
Your environment can comfort, support and invigorate you through these changes.

We'll quickly re-balance your room's layout,
find a cohesive color palette, and purchase
furnishings that fit your body and your lifestyle. 
Your home will soon be a beautiful 
place that everyone enjoys.

Joy starts and ends at home, so let's create your Joyful Surroundings!     

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Inspiration and Ideas for Your Home!

Consultations * Color * Custom Design * Décor Shopping
 One-Day Home Makeovers *  Kitchen & Bath ReDesign
DeClutter & Organize * Moving & Downsizing
Home Staging * Outdoor Rooms * Party Styling

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